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Golf Putting Alignment tool / golf ball marker

Golf Putting Alignment tool / golf ball marker

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See the biggest improvement in your golf score with this Putting Alignment tool. Use this to read the slope on the green and match it with the alignment marks on our tool to align your ball and watch the strokes begin to disappear from your putting game!

Its extremely simple to use just place it behind your ball, align the center line with the center of the cup, pick one of the colored break lines that match the slope of the green and then align the ball that line, remove the marker and drain the put!

A professional product for the professional or amateur golfer.

Made from 3/16" stainless steel and laser etched lines that wont fade or wear off over time.

Item can also be personalized with a name or initials on the back. If you are interested in adding that to yours select the box and type in the name or initials you want on the back.
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