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Polaris General Rear Filler Panel Bracket

Polaris General Rear Filler Panel Bracket

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I designed and 3d printed brackets made here in the USA (not China!) that are added to eliminate the gapping on the rear filler panel of the Polaris General that go under the Polaris Lock and Ride rear window. Due to the design of the bracket it keeps the panel from being able to pull away from the bar and keeps the bracket from being able to pull away from the bar (unlike the $50 Polaris bracket). I replaced my center Polaris bracket with one of mine and then added 1 more behind each of the seats for a total of 3 and that made that rear filler panel very solid! You also get one of the drill guides i designed to help line the bolt hole up exactly in the right place for your new bracket.

Each bracket ordered will include a stainless 6mm nyloc nut as well as a stainless 6mm bolt.

Items Included

3 x Polaris General rear filler panel bracket
3 x M6-1.0 x25mm Stainless bolt
3 x M6 x 1.0mm Stainless nylon inserted nut
1 x Drill guide

Please be aware as these are 3D Printed parts the surfaces and finish may have slight/small imperfections and that is normal but we strive to make sure that our parts are the best looking parts we can make. The drill guide included also will be a random color and may not always be red as shown in the picture. It is only used to help during installation and not left on after brackets are installed.

Here is a link to the video on how to install them.

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